Simple Future Tense

Sudah jelas dari kata “future”, tenses ini berbicara mengenai waktu di masa depan, alias belum terjadi di saat ini. Tetapi masa depan yang dimaksud ini adalah masa depan yang tidak direncanakan. Jika Anda ingin mengatakan masa depan yang direncanakan, silakan memakai “going to”.

Sebelum mempelajari lebih lanjut, marilah kita membuat pemanasan dengan membaca bersama-sama cerita singkat berikut:

Two Angels in My Life

There’s a happiness in the eyes of mother. My mother has it. There’s a joy in the eyes of girl. My girl has it. Both are my guided stars, but in different position. My mother is star that hangs over me. My girl is star that besides me. They will make my life perfectly.
I married that girl and had a baby.
I said to her, “We will have a happy family. I am going to make it come true.”
She smiled, looked at me and showed her dimple. “I believe you will do it.”
“You will be prettiest mother in the world.”
“I know I’m beautiful.” She teased me and winked.
I’d hugged my wife then saw my baby who was sleeping between us. We enjoyed our love at its fullest. How about you, guys?

Future tense dipergunakan untuk menyatakan:

  1. Aksi yang akan dilakukan/terjadi di masa mendatang
    1. I will go to school tomorrow
    2. My daughter will be teen years old next month
    3. They will left this house as soon as possible
  2. Dipergunakan untuk menyatakan janji di masa depan
    1. Ok, Mom, I will tidy my room, but please let me go now
    2. He will meet me by seven
    3. Her friend will help Karlina with her homework
  3. Dipakai untuk menunjukkan syarat
    1. My father will give a present if I graduate from my school
    2. I willl overcome your problem in one condition, you abandon this place!
    3. If they have enough time, they will buy us something.
  4. Dipakai untuk memohon seseorang agar melakukan sesuatu buat kita
    1. Will you please help me?
    2. Shall we go now?
    3. Will she do it?

Rumus simple future sentences:

  1. Kalimat positif
    I/we shall + infinitive
    You/they/she/he/it + will + infinitive

    • I will open the window
    • You will help her
    • They will go by ten
  2. Kalimat negatif
    I/we shall + not + infinitive
    You/they/she/he/it + will + not + infinitive

    • I shall not open the window
    • You will not help me
    • They will not go by ten

    Will not sering disingkat dengan won’t

  3. Kalimat tanya
    Shall +  I/we + infinitive?
    Will + you/they/she/he/it + infinitive?

    • Shall I open the window?
    • Will you help me?
    • Will they go by ten?

Hal-hal yang perlu diperhatikan dalam membentuk simple future tense:

  1.  Future tense tidak boleh didahului ungkapan-ungkapan waktu, seperti by the time, when, before, after, dan lain-lain di dalam klausa.
    SALAH: when my girlfriend will arrive tonight by plane, I will be there
    BENAR: when my girlfriend arrives tonight by plane, I will be there
  2. Will dapat dipakai untuk semua orang, tetapi “shall” dapat menggantikan will pada “I” dan “we” saja. Pada Inggris Amerika, pemakaian “shall” untuk future tense jarang digunakan. “shall” sering digunakan untuk menghaluskan kata tanya. Contoh “Shall I open the window?”.

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  1. Nice info mas. Nambah soal grammar lagi.

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

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